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Modular solution for libraries and documentation centres management. 

mindPrisma delivers an integrated management of an individual library or a set of libraries, associated in centres. There are several available features, enabling the information interconnection between the different modules and functions. This allows, for instance, the reception of an aquisition sugestion, automating its distribution and pre cataloguing.

Main Features:

  • Cooperative cataloguing
  • Highly configurable (inc. validating records, rules, claims, and penalties)
  • Kardex with forecast management
  • Action logs record
  • Two database management system versions:
        • ISIS (bibliographic component)/Access (Transactions) and
        • Microsoft SQL-server
Cataloguing Module
WEB Search Module (OPAC)

Local Search Module

Circulation and Loans Module
Acquisitions Management Module
Kardex Management Module of Serial Publications
Administration Module
Statistics Module
Information Spreading Module
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