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Search Module

pacweb – Web search module (OPAC)
A search module featuring simple, yet advanced, indexed searches, allowing a web-based interaction with the library. The public user’s autonomy is fostered by direct access to his information on current loans, as well as defining his criteria about information sharing.

Main Features:

  • Document’s reservation;
  • Filtering by centres, localisation or other criteria;
  • Acquisition suggestions.

Available in single or multi database versions.
This module is subject to licensing.
Visit some PACWEBs, publicly available in the internet:

This module is subject to licensing.

pacwin – Local search module
Local search module featuring PACWEB extended function, meeting the professional librarian’s needs. Advanced functions for creation of indexes and bulletins were added to simple indexes. It's also possible to configure and save new viewing formats on the search results list.

Main Features:

  • Stock viewing (New);
  • Individually configure the available access points and;
  • Professional search based on UNIMARC codification.

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