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Cataloguing Module

Distributed cataloguing module, parameterized in accordance with UNIMARC, Bibliographic and Authorities formats; however, the knowledge of these codifications isn't required.

The cooperative cataloguing functionalities are emphasized, namely the direct import of PORBASE (National Bibliographic Database, under the responsibility of the Portuguese National Library) records, from other Prisma systems (previously configured), and also importing files, using the international standard format ISO 2709.

Featuring also an intuitive data collection sheet parameterisation, it’s an user-friendly module, whereas not disappointing library professional’s expectations. It’s suitable to different user profiles (from basic level to experienced professionals), and library types (from schools to the specialised documentation centres.

Main Features:

  • Merger of bibliographic and authorities records (New);
  • Stock management (New);
  • Detection of bibliographic and authorities duplicates;
  • Cataloguing quality control (compulsory and recommended fields, and records validation) and;
  • Possibility of viewing records in ISBD format, while cataloguing.

This module is subject to licensing.

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