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Mind organizes training sessions for mindPrisma systems, namely on CATWIN, PACWIN e USEWIN modules. For the trainee, it's usually a pre-requirement to be a librarian or documentation professional, with a minimum knowledge on cataloguing and basic library routine. However, administration knowledge isn't required.
Trainees must also be acquainted, as users, with computers and Microsoft Windows.

We recommend to pre-register using the email , to schedule the training. When a sufficient number of trainees is reached, the training is scheduled and you will be informed. Normally each training day relates to one module, and the individual training fee is 100.00€ per day. In case or interest, we shall register your names and as soon as we have dates, we’ll confirm your interest and availability. When a sufficient number of users is reached for the training to be held, in the nearest geographic area, we will set the dates and confirm the registrations.

Alternatively, we can carry out training in the client’s premises. This is an advantage for groups larger than 6 trainees. We will issue a formal proposal, tailored to client’s training needs, including the trainer’s travel and subsistence expenses shall be included.

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